LaVida is staffed with specialists in every area. Our knowledgeable personnel stay up-to-date with the latest programs and techniques in order to provide our guests with the most professional attention they deserve during their stay. From arrival to departure, our friendly staff will accompany you throughout your stay offering personalized treatments and support you to help you achieve your goals. All the while, ensuring the most pleasant experience as possible at LaVida.


¿What is LaVida Destination?

LaVida Mission
Our mission is to motivate you to enjoy life to it’s fullness! Feel young, attractive, & energetic! Join us to improve your physical health, to reflect & to connect with your own psyche & physical potentials, all while adopting a healthy lifestyle, based on emotional support, healthy meals, physical exercise, spiritual work, relaxation and the application of the latest techniques in spa & beauty treatments.
LaVida Vision
LaVida Optimum Wellness Destination envisions to be the most complete integral wellness center with the most attractive packages based in a beautiful location with the finest facilities, personalized attention, offering top notch spa & beauty treatments using latest trends & discoveries. We aspire to be at the forefront of wellness retreats & to fully surpass our customer’s expectations. 

What we offer

      • Personalized Integral Health Assessment
      • Wellness Coaching
      • Meal Planning
      • Fitness Training


Our Specialists

Kaytee Hoverson
Kaytee HoversonWellness Coach

Our natural state of being is happy, healthy & abundant. At LaVida Optimum Wellness Destination our mission is to offer you a jumpstart to returning to your natural state. The transition is not about becoming someone better, but about finally allowing yourself to become what you have always been, and that is perfect. Being aware of your perfection is the first step to feeling it from the inside out.

At LaVida, we have designed our programs with you in mind. This program is about you. All about you. It is about feeling your optimum level of overall health. It is about overcoming fears. It is about overcoming barriers. It about living life to the fullest.

You deserve this for yourself. For your loved ones. For the world.

Travis Taliaferro
Travis TaliaferroLaVida Organica Director
Come enjoy the organic delights offered in the LaVida menu! Feel the flavor of freshness in every bite!
Dr. Jorge Paz Rodriguez
Dr. Jorge Paz RodriguezInternal Medicine / Specialist in Hormonal Control & Stem Cells
Dr. Jorge Paz Rodriguez has dedicated his time to educating himself on anti-aging medicine, which is a practice of preventive medicine devoted to the complete evaluation of the patient including the hormone control. After 25 years the production of hormones in our body decreases, which influences the process of aging and chronic inflammation. The idea is to find a balance or equilibrium in all hormones levels & functions for the organs within our body to achieve an optimum state of physical & mental health. For this, we are looking for co-relation between clinical symptoms of the patient and the outcome of their lab tests. Hormones act in all organs of the body and control our emotions. They play a key role at all stages of our lives, effecting our energy, our strength, and our focus, for this, balance is crucial.
Dr. Luis Manuel Caballero
Dr. Luis Manuel CaballeroGeneral Doctor Well Fit Program
Health is the quality in life.  This is why we are focused in offering our guests an integral plan that begins with a complete evaluation in order to guarantee that your goals will be reached in a safe and effective way.

Martha and Jaime
Martha and JaimeChefs

Food is a pleasure and a necessity.  This is why at LaVida we strive in offering our guests a variety of healthy dishes, enjoyable at sight and that will delight any taste. Our LaVida menu can also be tailored just for you!

Jenny Pinzon
Jenny PinzonSpa Supervisor and Beauty Consultant
In order to feel good you also have to look good.  This is why at LaVida Health and Beauty Spa we offer our guests a series of therapies and beauty treatments that will help  you relax , look young and attractive and overall, reflect your health.

Dany Riquelme
Dany RiquelmeWell Fit Program Director
Once I introduce you to your exercise plan at LaVida, you will discover all the potentials your body has.  Your body will benefit from it.  You will gain energy, strength and relaxation.  In other words you will earn health.